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Baby Feeding Pillow w/Bottle Support

Baby Feeding Pillow w/Bottle Support

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Make feeding your baby a breeze!

Feeding time for your little one can take between 20 - 45 minutes. Causing your arm to get tired and not be able to do anything else.

The Feeding Pillow allows your baby to be in a comfortable position while feeding. At the same time, allowing you to be hands-free.


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It can be divided into two parts: a pillow, and an anti-overflow pillow.

Detachable: Baby Feeding Pillow can be used as a pillow, anti-rollover keep shape function.

When the baby drinks milk, you can add the anti-overflow pillow part: The baby can easily drink milk by himself and will not choke, in addition, it can also be a breastfeeding pillow.

Unique Design: sturdy base that adjusts to fit bottles of different sizes, and a plush upper part that supports your baby's head while they eat. The pillow also has an ergonomic shape to support your own posture while feeding your child.

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