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Baby Head Protector

Baby Head Protector

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Avoid painful head injuries and keep your little one safe with this Baby Head Protector!

Protect your baby's head from bumps and bruises with this soft, padded head protector. It is a cute little hat that protects your baby's head from bumps and bruises. This is perfect for babies who are crawling or walking around, as it can help protect them from falling down when they are learning how to walk.

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Protection: With the function of damping and cushioning, it can avoid or mitigate damage to the head when the head of an infant has collided.

MATERIAL:The fill-in layer is made of high density and elastic sponge which can reduce the impact force when hit and also free from smell.

SOFT:Provides a sense of comfortable feeling to baby and will reduce the baby's head injures.

A PERFECT GIFT:Safety helmet hat is sweet gifts for babies and moms.

BabyEBox Donates 3% Of All Orders To Children's Cancer Reaseach

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