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Cute Crab

Cute Crab

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Get your baby to start crawling ASAP! 

The Cute Crab is a fun toy that will get your baby crawling sooner rather than later. The Cute Crab moves side to side while flashing lights and playing music, teasing your baby to go chasing it. While also being fun for toddlers.

  • Now available as an octopus.

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Safe to capture joy:The Cute Crab is made of child-safe materials and equipped with ABS. The arc design is smooth and the no-burr edges protect your baby from scratches.

Built-in sensing device:There's a sensing gadget built inside the crab, as long as it senses an obstacle ahead, the crab will automatically escape.

USB charging mode: Package sent with USB charging cable, convenient to charge and avoid many batteries.

Cute design: This induction toy is shaped like an octopus with pleasant colors that can attract your child's attention and interest to play and shower.

Tease kids to chase: Start the runaway mode and tease baby to chase with light and music. Increase children's fun and provide more laughter.

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