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Multi-Use Baby Carrier

Multi-Use Baby Carrier

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Your Baby Is The Center Of Your World.

That's why we created the Newborn Wrap Sling, a multi-use wrap sling that will help you keep your bundle of joy close to you while still doing all the things you love.

This newborn wrap sling is perfect for carrying your baby or toddler who can weigh up to 22 pounds or you can convert it into a breastfeeding cover. The material is made of cotton and polyester, which makes it soft and comfortable for you and your baby, while also being easy to clean. 

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Comfortable: Designed for both you and baby’s comfort – easy to use and wear!

Unique Design:The sling has a lightweight design, so you can use it with ease. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

Multi-Use: With this product, you can easily carry your baby and keep them close to you once! It's also great for nursing in public or on the go.

Adjustable: Five point adjustability allows for 7 different carrying positions including front, hip and back carries

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